Calvary Street Ministries
Calvary Street Ministries
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Our Mission

We meet people where they are– the homeless, addicted, and low-income families of San Francisco, connect them to Jesus, and point them to a path for future success.

Through the message of a saving, healing savior, and the practical meeting of their basic needs, we introduce people to a new way of life, and a new hope for their future.

Edmond and Liz Wong founded Calvary Street Ministries in 1988.

Throughout 30 years of ministry, the Wong family along with dozens of volunteers have seen thousands come to know Jesus, be set free from addiction, and begin a new way of life. 

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"We want everyone to be free."

"If Jesus can save a heroin addict, gang-banger, pimp like me, Jesus can set anybody free. He can set the worst of us free. He can set the most forgotten of us free. I am living proof that the truth of a loving, redeeming Savior heals lives and sets captives free. That's why my family and I will see souls saved until the day we die. We want everyone to be free."

— Edmond Wong, Founder (1954-2008)


Our founder, Edmond Wong was a heroin addict on the streets of San Francisco, and after finding Jesus– His life was forever changed. He founded this ministry, and became a beloved & sought-after preacher and evangelist to ministries and churches up and down California. He passed away due to cancer in 2008.

Now led by our Co-Founder and Director, Liz Wong, our Executive Director, Hosanna Wong, and our Director of Operations, Elijah Wong, the Wong family has continued their mission to bring hope and truth to the streets of San Francisco and beyond.

Through weekly street outreaches, Bible studies, and prayer meetings, Saturday services, Sunday recovery meetings, and our weekly food pantry, we develop real, and personal relationships with the homeless, addicted, struggling, and low-income of San Francisco, and point people towards a new life in Jesus.

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"Brand new lives inside and out."

"Yes, we want to point people to Jesus. Yes, we want to grow their relationship with God. But we don't want to overlook their basic, practical needs. Jesus loves them completely. They are people, and they are HIS people, and He really loves them. He wants them to have brand new lives inside and out."

— Liz Wong, Co-Founder & Director